Acquiring New Customers And Remarketing with Amazon PPC

It is easier to sell to existing customers than to find the new ones. We've all heard a message that goes something along these lines in the marketing world.

May you guess what this next blog is going to be about?

It's going to be about acquiring new customers and remarketing to your previous customers.

When you are well covered with SB, and SP campaigns on Amazon advertising, SD campaigns can be very efficient at acquiring new customers.

At this point, you are probably targeting keywords and competitors' ASINs. Maybe you got a few category campaigns running for your products.

However, you might not be running SD campaigns and thus missing out on some potential sales.

It requires a bit more experimentation and testing to find a winning audience similar to how Facebook Ads work.

But once you find a well-performing audience, it can be really easy to bring extra dollars to your brand's top line.

This is important especially if you have already topped up your reach using other strategies.

If you wanna go the extra mile, make sure to utilize SD campaigns.

By going broad on targeting audiences such as interests, in-market, lifestyle, you can acquire more customers and increase your company's top line.

SD campaigns are also very effective when increasing the customer's lifetime value if you are selling CPGs and consumable since there are a lot of repeat purchases associated with customers' buying behavior.

By remarketing customers who purchased your products within 30, 60, 180, or up to 360 days time window, you can increase the value that the customer yields to your brand.

Or you can select and identify competitors who are closely related to your product.

Then show up your ads to customers who have bought from your competitors before. You have got this option as well.

Also, you have the ability to choose "Views remarketing".

It works the same as "Purchases Remarketing" but gives you a pool of customers who viewed or visited your product detail page and did not make a purchase.

How do you measure the impact of SD campaigns?

If you are focused on acquiring new customers, it's really essential that you look at NTB metrics.

It will give you an indicative view of how successful you are at acquiring new customers for your brand.

If that's a remarketing strategy, then you need to consider ACOS to analyze how good you are at remarketing to your previous customers.

That's all for today! Have you started running SD campaigns? Are you currently going hard on them?

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