Catch All Campaigns - What Are They, How To Setup Them.

Let's talk about Catch-All campaigns.

If you are not running them, you are literally leaving money on the table.

Let's define the characteristics of Catch-All campaigns:

1. An automatic SP campaign with all your products mixed and put together;
2. A minimal, super low bid ($0.20);
3. A high budget ($100+);
4. A bid modifier of 50%-100% increase on ToS.

When you are running these campaigns, you can find new, emerging, low SV keywords that can contribute to your overall sales to large extent.

There are 100s or dozens of keywords emerging in any specific niche at any given time that your competitors are not targeting.

Meanwhile, you are casting a wide net of keywords whereas your competitors cannot catch up to speed with you.

It requires very little maintenance or no monitoring at all. You just set them once and forget it.

Since you set a very low bid for your keywords, catch-all campaigns are extremely profitable.

You will see a crazy low ACOS in the range of 0-10%.

You should not expect to receive a ton of sales from this campaign, but it's just a little hack to spice up your PPC strategy.

And yes, you need always to be running them regardless of at which stage your brand is.

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