How To Find Relevant and Highly Converting ASINs For Amazon PPC Campaigns

How to find relevant, highly converting ASINs for your product targeting campaigns?

If you have a competitive edge over your competition such as a higher star rating, more reviews, or a lower price with a great value proposition - targeting ASINs in your campaigns can drastically help you increase sales.

You can discover competitor ASINs that are directly related to a particular product you are selling using Helium10's Black Box tool.

These are the actions steps you need to take to find specific ASINS that will guarantee and yield a high ROI to your ad campaigns:

➡️ Go to Helium 10 and pull up the "BlackBox" Tool.
➡️ Head over to the "Product Targeting" tab.
➡️ Put in the ASIN and hit the button "Search"
➡️ Sort the results in descending order by "Monthly Revenue" or Sales".

This allows you to find the products that are getting a lot of traction, but are lacking in some feature, benefit, or in quality aspect.

➡️ Further refine the results by using the "Title Keyword Search" filter if the list of products is not relevant and the results are too broad.

If you are selling a sleeping mattress, you can type in the keyword in this filter to narrow down results and only look at products that have the exact keyword in the title.

A few filters or factors that might give you a competitive edge:

🟠 Number of reviews: This has to do with social proof and consumer psychology.

No one wants to be the initiator of an action, 95% of the time we want to mitigate the action of like-minded people.

Thus more reviews signal social proof and trigger customers' brains to come to a buying decision more quickly, and easily.

🟠 Star rating: Why would someone want to buy a lower-quality product? Unless there is a major difference in a feature or a special benefit that the customer desires, a better-rated product will always take a win.

🟠 Number of images: If your listing has more images and depicts the product better than your competitors do this job, this is a great way to convince the buyer to pick your product over the competing ones.

🟠 Fulfillment method (FBA vs FBM): FBA shipping is superior to FBM because the customer can enjoy shorter shipping times.

🟠 Price: The product that is similar but has a lower price point is obviously more appealing to the customer.

If everything else is equal and the only difference in your offer is the price, the customer is going to naturally gravitate towards a cheaper option.

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