Implementing The Best PPC Practices To Your Amazon Business

ACOS is slightly over your target?

Reduce bids by a few cents and you might notice that your ACOS has decreased while barely affecting your sales.

ACOS is below your target?

Increase bids till you reach your target profitability goal as you might be compromising sales by not driving enough eyeballs to your listing.

• Negate Irrelevant Keywords or ASINs

You are probably pulling out STRs already, but are you sure that there are not any irrelevant keywords or ASINs that are wasting your ad spend?

Go inside your STR report and sort the data in descending order by clicks, no sales (orders=0)

If you see that a particular kwyword has got 20 or 30 clicks but no sales, it might be a good time to consider negating this target.

• Apply Bid Modifiers for Placements

If you open up the "Placements" tab and you see that ToS is superior to PPs, you should apply a bid modifier of a certain % for ToS.

For profitability-focused campaigns, examine the ACOS for each placement. Based on which one has lower ACOS, set a 20-30% increase for that placement.

For ranking campaigns, you need to look at your CVR and CTR for each placement as ranking boils downs to two factors - sales volume, CVR, and also CTR has some weight in it.

• Migrate Keywords From Auto Campaigns To Manual

Without a doubt, auto campaigns can be very profitable.

But what if you could see which keywords are performing very well inside your auto campaigns and multiply their success?

Consider moving your search terms from auto campaigns that have converted at a low ACOS to their own manual campaigns.

Monitor and check the performance regularly of your newly created campaigns.

Analogically, take search terms that have driven a sale at a low ACOS from broad or phrase campaigns and create new exact campaigns for those keywords or ASINs.

Monitor the performance regularly.

• Set Higher Budgets For Highly Performing Campaigns

What if you could just increase the budget and double your sales immediately?

Double down on what is already working.

• Lower Budgets For Poorly Performing Campaigns

Alternatively, if you are spending a lot of your marketing budget on poorly performing campaigns, it might be a great idea to reduce budgets to direct your ad spend somewhere else.

• Increase Bids For Keywords With Zero Impressions

Go into your bulk files, select "1" keyword; "2" product targeting.

In the "Impressions" column, untick all the other numbers except "0".

There are hundreds or thousands of different targets that haven't generated any impressions.

Consider slightly increasing bids and then check back next week if they started getting impressions.

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