Raising Budget For High ROI Campaigns - Easy Bump in Sales!

One of the best things you can do to grow your Amazon brand is to increase budgets for high ROI campaigns to hit certain revenue goals.

Did you know that you can quickly scale your business using the "Budgets" tab inside your advertising dashboard?

1. Go to the "Budgets" tab and can select the data for the past 7 days.

1. Set the filter "avg. time in the budget" to less than 100%

Now you will be able to find campaigns that are constantly running out of budget on a daily basis.

If your campaign is a high ROI driver, you can just bump up the budget and see your sales spike while barely affecting your profitability.

Because why would you want to limit your sales by refraining your campaigns from spending more money if they meet your target goals?

Are you currently spending $10 per day on the campaign and you see that it is able to maintain your target ACOS?

3. Increase the budget to $20, $30, or even $50 for high-performing campaigns to boost your sales velocity.

Now you'll be driving more traffic to your listing profitably, at a high ROI.

Thus leading to more sales and overall profit for your business.

Although I want to make a disclaimer!

If your ACOS are terrible, simply raising budgets won't tackle the issue. The issue lies in your keyword bids that are targeted within your campaign.

Then you got to deep dive and analyze the issue further. Are these keywords not converting well, do they have astronomical or high bids?

Perhaps I am not using the right bidding strategy so it artificially inflates these KPIs / metrics?

On the same note, maybe it would be a great idea to opt out of using up-and-down and switching to a more conservative, down-only strategy bidding strategy.

Have I recently applied a high bid modifier on ToS or PPs and they no longer seem to be profitable, or high converting?

Should I revert back to the previous settings?

There might be a lot of reasons, but this post focuses on budgets.

So if you see that certain campaigns have low ACOS make sure to raise budgets as it can do wonders for your Amazon business.

By allowing you to increase traffic for your products and lock in more sales if your listing is attractive.

You can scale very, very quickly and blow up sales if you utilize the "Budgets" tab and take this step thoughtfully, and logically while considering your business goals.

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