The Importance of The Main Image For Amazon FBA Success

Do you know how powerful the main image of your listing is in boosting your sales?

And what kind of a game-changer it might be to your Amazon business if you tweak a few aspects?

Did you know that the CTR of your listing is almost entirely dependent on how prominent, appealing, and compelling your first image is in presenting your product?

Aside from a few other factors such as your price, star rating, title.

But mark my word - these factors do not really play a role in your CTR to such a large extent as your main image.

As mentioned above, we need to ensure the most visually appealing and aesthetic image across our niche that showcases our product in the best way possible.

And showcasing it in a unique manner that sets you apart from hundreds of competitors.

The customer will sense your product quality through images.

If your main image is half-ass quality - be ready to accept hard times especially if you are in a competitive category.

At one point, right around when we came in to manage ads for our clients, we noticed one thing that really stood out to us.

One of our client's products had the first image with a poor resolution of 466x466px which was horrible from the CVR & CTR standpoint.

Knowing the benefits of having a striking first image for the product, we immediately rushed to address the issue.

We urged our client to tackle this issue right away by improving on the first image and making it at least 1500x1500px resolution.

The higher the resolution - the more you can zoom in on a specific feature, attribute, or characteristic of your product.

We know how essential it is to enable the customer to closely analyze the product prior to making a purchase.

So by us doubling down on the first image, it helped us achieve a higher CTR and bump up our CVR which directly translates into healthier profit margins and a better ROI for the brand.

The issue is that if your image lacks resolution, the customer is not able to even zoom in on the image to look through the features or your product packaging.

This actually results in poor customer experience and a ton of lost sales. Let's admit - no one wants to witness this.

Obviously, everyone wants to prevent these little loopholes that might come at a cost of missed sales for your business due to minor issues such as an unoptimized main image.

I call these changes little tweaks as fixing the resolution for the image doesn't take a lot of time or effort from a brand's side.

But the impact that it makes on a business's health and sales is just massive. In the end, it will be definitely well time spent!

So make sure to heavily invest in your main image and not skimp out on A/B testing it as well.

It makes it super convenient when we can leverage the "Manage Your Experiments" tool that is provided to us by Amazon to improve on every element of our listing, among which are our main image.

Having a high-resolution image is not an optional step, it's absolutely necessary if you want to flourish on Amazon.

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