Why Having An Amazing Amazon FBA Product Is Paramount

As you may know, times are gone when you could just throw a random product up on Amazon and make a ton of sales.

In today's Amazon day and age, it is absolutely necessary to innovate your product and make it top-notch to give a strong reason for customers to choose your product over the competing ones.

No amount of marketing will save a terrible product.

You can have a decent Amazon Ads strategy by covering the basics and a phenomenal, amazing product that customers love and rave about.

Which leads you to roll in profit every month from your thriving eCommerce business.

On the flip side - you can dial in every side of your marketing, have a great and well-rounded ads strategy, but a destructive, counterfeited product that sends your business to bankruptcy.

A few mnemonics for you:

• Your ads performance is directly correlated to your product quality.

If it's shitty, buyers will sense that through reading reviews of your previous customers.

Days are gone when you could get involved in review manipulation techniques to bypass this and get away with a discredited product.

• Not only is the product itself important, but how it is presented that is even more important.

That being said, your listing elements should be on point, top-notch and as a result stand out from the market by creating a bit of mystery behind it.

Things such as:

• Visual side (images, A+ content, videos)

It's a great place for you to depict your product's unique characteristics, benefits or the outcome that the customer will be delighted by after using the product.

Show it through different forms of images (infographics, lifestyle images, comparison charts, after VS before shots, close-up shots).

Let your target customer envision himself using the product by clearly showing it in the videos.

• Copy (bulletpoints, description, captions on the images, A+ content).

Focus on benefits, not features.

Prioritize customers' feelings, not how fancy or overloaded with features the product is.

Extensively highlight the benefits, briefly back them up with features.

Be as specific as possible as you want to tailor your message to one audience by aligning with their viewpoint, beliefs and pain points.

• Social proof, credibility, authority (reviews, testimonials, QnA section, influencers, celebrities).

We are social creatures who love to value other individuals' or like-minded people's opinions more than any company or salesman.

We trust our companions and we seek affirmation from those who are on the same path.

You got to have an army of angels, brand ambassadors. That builds upon itself over time.

• Your offer (price, value, guarantee, deliverables)

You must be able to justify the price you are asking by having a superior offer to your competition.

And clearly explaining the value that a customer gets by choosing your product and not your competitor's.

Do not play the race to the bottom game as it won't get you anywhere in the long-term.

But do not be afraid to charge a premium price if you can justify it.

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