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We help Amazon DTC brands reach a $1M monthly revenue potential with a custom ad strategy at a staggering TACOS.

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What Should You Choose Our Amazon PPC Agency?

At DigitFruition, we take a meticulous approach to Amazon PPC advertising. We don't just set up campaigns and let them run; we constantly monitor and optimize them to ensure they're driving profitable results.

No software or automation. No outsourcing to third parties. Just pure hard work to crank up your Amazon sales and become a dominant player in the category while achieving an extraordinary ROI, swinging for that ideal TACOS metric.

We work closely with our clients to create a custom ad strategy that is aligned to achieve your target goals. Whether you're looking to increase sales, improve ROI, or boost brand awareness ─we've got you covered.

We focus on scaling Amazon DTC brands to help them become a top player in the category, and dominate ToS positions by aligning the ad strategy with the overarching brand’s goals.

If you want a personalized touch and believe that every SKU or ASIN requires a unique approach to growth and ad strategy development, including TACOS-level goals and the amount of attention needed - you came to the right place!

When we come in, the numbers start to budge

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We've helped a ton of clients achieve their Amazon PPC goals, from increasing sales by 200% to reducing TACOS by 10-20%. Our team has a deep understanding of Amazon's platform and the intricacies of PPC advertising, and we use that knowledge to drive results for our clients.

We always make sure to prioritize communication with our clients. We understand that you're busy running your business, which is why we provide regular reports on the performance of your campaigns and business's health.

We handle all Amazon Ads campaign types

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Listing Optimization

Our process behind all Amazon PPC magic


Before starting advertising, we need to make sure that your listing is good enough to beat the competition and is well covered in every aspect possible, things such as your title, bullet points, description, backend search terms, A+ Content, images, coupons & promotions, and more.

We will go through the entire 32-step checklist to visually explain to you where you can improve in order to increase the conversion rate & overall advertising performance.

We will force you to step up your playing field against the competition.

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We will go inside your advertising account, download certain reports to review your campaigns & analyze all the necessary data to identify what's stopping your brand growth.

If you have a poor & ineffective campaign structure, too many keywords per campaign, multiple ad groups not properly spending the campaign budget, wrong naming conventions, keywords that are massively bleeding through your precious ad budget, or as simple as non-performing keywords, we will fix all of these issues to instantly skyrocket your brand growth & gross profit.



Based on the goals that you want to achieve working with us, we will create a specific plan of action that we are going to follow to take you from a non-desired situation to an end result making your team happy & numbers look green on a sheet.

We will discuss different strategies we could use for each of your SKUs and help you determine an ultimate goal for every single product in your catalog.



We have a clear picture of your products, brand goals, and data gathered from your advertising account, and here is where the fun part begins ─ the implementation of all the strategies we've discussed before!

Depending on the work needed to be done, we will either launch new campaigns, optimize existing campaigns or refine the whole campaign structure into a new mold to help you understand and analyze your data better!

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When we say that we are transparent ─ we truly mean it! That being said, we do not hold anything back from our clients. We will give you a sneak peek look into all your main KPIs such as monthly gross profit, revenue growth, and YoY growth.

We use extremely accurate profit analytics software to make it easy & clear for you to track your business's financial metrics.

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We do not just want to suddenly hit a plateau stage at some point in time. This is why we need to constantly challenge ourselves and always strive to move the needle in your business!

We will do thorough planning ahead of time for the next year to help you stay ahead of the competition while expanding the growth of your brand.

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