Who We Are?


These two gentlemen, Nojus and Domantas, behind the camera is who you are going to work with. Yes ─ we do not outsource any tasks to save on agency costs to a third-world citizen and we manage PPC campaigns ourselves!

We started DigitFruition in 2021 with a clear goal: to help Amazon DTC / private label brands navigate the complex world of Amazon advertising.

We decided to focus on the advertising side of your Amazon business as this is where we believe you can bring the most leverage and growth to your brand.

It's harder than ever to establish a thriving and sustainable Amazon business, especially with the rising CPCs, competition becoming harsher day by day, and aggregators coming to compete for the same real estate on the page.

It's all about steady growth, a custom ad strategy tailored to each brand's goals and thorough planning that enables us to provide astounding results to our clients.

If you decided that you want to work with young, driven, passionate people who actually care about your brand ─ what are you waiting for? Schedule a discovery call now!

─ Nojus, Domantas

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