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How We Scaled A US-Based Amazon CPG Brand From $40K to $75K Monthly Sales in 5 Months

When we onboarded the client, we noticed the issue the brand was facing was a poor and inoptimal ad campaign structure. At the time, they were making $40K in total sales, but they struggled to grow due to a series of problems with the ad structure. One of them was bad budget allocation between keywords, most of them not being advertised practically.


● All the keywords have been mixed and matched together within the same campaign, hindering the visibility of the products. They were targeting over 255 keywords nested in the same ad group, limiting the exposure and lacking control over the budget distribution.

● The keyword choice was poor. Upon our analysis, we realized that most keywords have been loosely related or too broad to the actual brand’s products thus this presented the relevancy issues.

● Bids for most keywords were not competitive enough and set too low for ads to be able to qualify in the ad auction and show up in the search results.

● The brand was missing out on placements which revealed the opportunity to increase sales and reduce ACOS by adjusting bids by placement based on performance.

● Branded and category keywords were both mixed and commingled.


● Started building additional SP campaigns to capitalize on all keywords.

We went from having only a few campaigns to running 222 campaigns in total across the entire account.

This allowed us to gain strict control over the targeting and adjust budgets based on each campaign’s performance.

Our 5 KWs/ASINs per campaign structure led to improved visibility without hindering the impressions each target could deliver, thus boosting overall sales.

● Conducted thorough keyword research using Amazon’s first party-data (Brand Analytics) and tools such as H10 to find and discover more relevant keywords.

We refined the targeting and focused on keywords that signaled a lot of alignment with the products and proved to be worth targeting.

● Increased bids for some keywords whose potential was limited and compromised.

This was implemented in conjunction with building new ad campaigns for keywords that have already been targeted but did not receive enough impressions.

● Regularly overlooked the performance of campaigns and adjusted bid modifiers (on top of search and product pages) for new and existing campaigns to shift the budget to better ad placements.

● Broke down and separated branded keywords from category search terms by creating individual campaigns for more control over the ad strategy alignment with brand goals.


The monthly sales have increased from $40K to $75K within 5 months despite constant inventory issues. Important to note that during this growth phase, the brand was struggling to keep the stock levels in check.

TACOS were fluctuating at 18-19% at the time of growing the revenue but provided us with a good amount of profit in the end.

The next objective was to scale even further by leaning more toward organic growth using a special strategy for that. We adopted a meticulous and granular 1 KW per campaign structure for the ranking purpose.



amazon ppc case study
amazon ppc case study
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